6 Things to Look for in Mattress Reviews


Online reviews can be very helpful as you shop for a mattress. Here’s how to make mattress reviews work for you.


  1. Comfort and Firmness

Comfort and firmness are somewhat subjective terms to both the manufacturers that rate mattresses on a scale and consumers writing a review. Look for a reviewer who prefers the same sleeping position or has the same health concern, such as back or neck pain, as you do. Learning from someone who most closely matches you will provide you with the best knowledge.


A mattress that works great for a side sleeper may not work as well for you if you are back sleeper with chronic joint pain.


  1. Check the Temperature

As you read reviews for mattresses and bed linens, watch for mentions of heat retention. Memory foam and other synthetic mattress and bedding materials can trap heat, requiring a cooler bedroom for a comfortable night’s sleep.


If heat retention is a concern, look for natural fabrics, which breathe better, in both mattresses and beddings and check the reviews to see what consumers have to say about their coolness.


  1. Density Matters

Pay attention to the density of mattresses and consider that you may need special sheets if you pick a thicker mattress. Typically, the best mattress is 9 to 14 inches deep.


  1. Customer Service Review

Online reviews are a great place to find out if a company stands by its policies and offers good customer service. Do they actually cover the full cost of return shipping? Is it really a risk-free trial? Is a return only accepted under narrow reasons?


  1. Worth the Price

A mattress is a big purchase that will easily run several hundred dollars up to a few thousand. It’s an expensive mistake if you don’t get the right one. Reviews are a way to see if people who bought that mattress feel like they got their money’s worth or if the mattress isn’t a great buy for the price.


  1. A Guaranteed Guarantee

Mattress guarantees can be complicated and filled with loopholes that can void your warranty, such as not purchasing the matching box spring mattress. Be sure you know what’s covered, what’s not and how the company handles issues. Reviewers can tell you how the company follows its guarantees.

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