6 Tips for an Easier Mattress Buying Experience

The mattress market is flooded with options these days and the Internet puts that dizzying array of options at your fingertips. It can be overwhelming to search “mattress” within an online retailer’s site and see thousands of hits pop up. These tips can help take the stress out of mattress shopping.


  1. Do Your Research

Start by acquainting yourself with the different types of mattresses and variations in materials. A little research can save you from feeling lost when listening to a mattress salesman or trying to compare mattress specifications.


  1. Decide What You Want

You can go into mattress shopping ready for anything or you can set your sights on a specific type of mattress. Narrowing your focus to one or two major categories may be easier to manage. The budget you set can also help weed the field down to only viable candidates.


  1. Go for a Test Drive

If you can, visit a store with your partner and lay on any mattresses together that you think may work well for both of you. Wear loose clothing and shoes that slip off so you can easily get on the mattress and move around. Lay on the mattress for at least 20 minutes, spending five minutes on each side, your back and your stomach. A mattress that is comfortable in one position may not be ideal in another.


  1. Ask about Policies

Before you decide to buy, take a look at the company’s return policy and warranty. Will you be able to sleep on the mattress for several nights and return it if you don’t like the bed? Does the company charge a restocking fee or extra to pick up the return?


  1. Don’t Spring for a Box Spring

Unless you need a new box spring or not buying the one designed for you mattress will affect the warranty, you probably don’t need to spend the extra money on a new box spring mattress.


  1. Inspect the Mattress

You need to be diligent, too, when your mattress is delivered. Thoroughly check the mattress for any signs of damage and make sure it has the proper tags that will be critical for any warranty claims.


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