Characteristics and Benefits of Memory Foam Mattress

best option for a bad back

Memory Foam Mattress is made of the polyurethane and other extra chemical substances so as to increase the density and viscosity. These mattresses are also referred because the Visco - Elastic Polyurethane foam. This kind of mattress is firm when cool. The higher density memory foam is extremely reactive to the human body heat and it molds in couple of minutes according to the human body temperature, whereas the reduced density Memory Foam Mattress is extremely stress sensitive and it molds rapidly to the human body form.


The Memory Foam Mattress was first developed in 1966 for enhancing the aircraft cushions security below the NASA's Ames Research Center contract. This mattress is denser than the other kinds of mattresses and this feature tends to make it heavier and more supportive. This is best used for its firmness and comfort of the soft mattress. These mattresses are the most favored by everybody more than the conventional mattress. The open cell structure of this kind of mattress helps relieving stress factors and prevents stress sore.


They had been originally developed for your astronauts and later it became effective in medical science helping these with sleeping difficulties and body ache. This is mainly used in the hospitals to stop the bed sores. The Best option for a bad back is available in different density which is calculated in kilograms per cubic meter. Greater the density of the foam mattress, smaller is the air bubbles in the structure and the sizes differ too. This mattress is extremely heat sensitive and it frequently reacts to the human body temperature. Using the increase density of the foam the holes turn out to be extremely small and this reduces the capability to breathe. This ultimately causes more than heating and consequently it is wise purchasing the foam mattress of density in between 40 and 65 kilograms.


In the event you include a cool max cover to the mattress, these will help stopping this issue as this is specially made to diffuse moisture and heat. This feature of the cool max cover foam mattress helps maintaining the body remain cool and feels refreshed. It is also essential to think about the depth of the mattress and it ought to be in between 7cm and ten cm in order to get the maximum support for your body and get relieved from discomfort and stress.

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