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This article focuses primarily on Serta memory foam mattress evaluations. Serta memory foam mattresses have acquired appeal recently due to their high level of quality. The foam inside them flexes with the shape of the body therefore supplying users with a consistently comfortable and restful sleep.

Serta Memory Foam Mattress

Over the previous couple of years, Serta memory foam mattresses have gained a great deal of appeal. The most excellent and unique function about these memory foam mattresses is that they take the shape of the body and uniformly spread out pressure, resulting in more comfortable sleep. In another mattresses the mattress does not disperse pressure uniformly and has the tendency to droop at much heavier points, triggering pains and discomfort as one stands up in the early morning. Foam mattresses also do not feature loud and uncomfortable springs, adding to their appeal.

Serta's gel memory foam mattress is their most modern item in their memory foam mattress line. The gel memory foam mattress is the solution offered to consumers who complained that their memory foam mattresses were producing excessive heat. This is a three-layer mattress, with a premium base of foam at the bottom for support and firmness,  with the middle layer made from textured foam for enhanced air flow and body weight distribution. The top layer is made from gel memory foam, where gel beads are installed into the memory foam layer. This gel-containing layer protects the body from over-heating while sleeping by supplying additional cooling and support in areas of high pressure.

Obese individuals find that this mattress, unlike other memory foam mattresses, does not result in them sinking in but rather supports them firmly. The general testimonials of this mattress are quite great, and purchasers enjoy its quality. Looking at the best rated mattresses and the comfy sleep it makes possible, the cost can’t be considered to be a negative point.  It is certainly a great value for the price! Some find the mattress too warm for their taste while others who are accustomed to soft mattresses might find it too hard for their taste. But those suffering from backaches have found this mattress incredibly helpful.

The top two-and-a-half inches of the mattress include Sure Temperature memory foam, in addition to the base 9.5 inches which together produce a comfy sleeping experience. This terrific mattress comes from a European design which imparts a glamorous sleekness to the mattress. Design-wise the mattress also supplies a comfortable sleeping temperature all through the night, as the foam is temperature-resistant and changes to one's sleeping design without triggering any anxious warming sensations at night. It should be noted that these mattresses are considerably more expensive than some other varieties.

The downsides of this mattress include chemical smell that initially might be present in the mattress (this vanishes after a week's time), and some find the mattress to be not quite firm enough for their tastes. Given that this mattress is non-returnable, be sure to do your research before buying. Examine all of the available options and talk to friends or family who might own this mattress, and once you feel confident enough— go for it!

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